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We will make 2020 a year when we hold our elected representatives accountable for their failure to represent their constituents.  

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Reclaim Idaho is a grassroots organization with over 2,000 volunteers in over 25 Idaho counties. We believe in the power of Idahoans, coming together, to tackle tough problems facing the state.

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Boise and Lewiston- Testify on Medicaid 1332 Waiver

Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare is taking public testimony on the first of many Medicaid Expansion restrictions to coverage. The 1332 "waiver" is designed to keep thousands of Idahoans who earn between 100-138 of the Federal Poverty Level on private insurance instead of Medicaid Expansion. Those private plans are less reliable, less comprehensive and MORE expensive than Medicaid Expansion. A Federal Judge struck down restrictions in two other states based in part on citizens’ overwhelming opposition to impediments to coverage. We NEED you to show up and speak against this 1332 "waiver."

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We are confident that if enough people join our movement, we will make 2020 a year of accountability unlike any we’ve ever seen.

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Reclaim Idaho is made possible by the hard work of volunteer organizers and neighborhood team leaders.


April 2019

The group behind last year’s successful ballot initiative to expand Medicaid in Idaho is now working to unseat legislators they think are subverting the will of the voters.

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