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Reclaim Idaho is a grassroots campaign designed to restore balance to the Idaho State Legislature by electing candidates who believe in strengthening public schools, protecting public lands, and extending health care to working families.

Thanks to all who came out to support the 78,000 idahoans who need health care!


Thousands of fellow citizens can't afford health care and our legislators have the power to fix this problem while saving state and local dollars. That’s why we transformed a 1977 camper into a Medicaid Mobile, and that’s why we traveled from town to town - all the way from Bonners Ferry in the far north to Driggs in the southeast - to talk about the importance of preserving and expanding the Medicaid program in Idaho.

we are grateful To all who helped organize events at stops along the way; to those who spoke with us about their experience with idaho's health care system; and to all who showed their support by adding their name to the medicaid mobile!  

Click here to find out what we learned on our statewide tour and how you can take action to preserve and expand medicaid for idaho.

Thank you!


Reclaim Idaho aims to move beyond the issues that divide us in order to find common cause by addressing the urgent issues that concern us all.

Strengthen Public Schools: According to a recent survey by Boise State University, Idahoans believe that education is the most significant issue facing Idaho. Since 2006, inflation-adjusted funding for public education has fallen sharply in 86 Idaho districts. Tragically, forty-three Idaho districts have decided to address budget shortfalls by moving to a 4-day school week.

Protect Public Lands and Natural Resources: Idaho is blessed with abundant natural resources. Our public lands, wildlife and water resources are part of our quality of life.  We encourage thoughtful, collaborative management of our natural resources.  The state often manages them for powerful vested interests, rather than the people of Idaho.   For example, in the 2017 Idaho legislative session, the House of Representatives rejected a bill that would request the Idaho Department of Lands to increase public awareness of IDL lands open for public access. 

Extend Healthcare to Working Families: 78,000 Idahoans—most of whom belong to working families—fall into the so-called “Medicaid gap” and have been denied access to affordable healthcare. 64 percent of Idahoans say they are disappointed with the failure of the Idaho Legislature to address this issue, and 70 percent of Idahoans say that they favor closing the Medicaid gap. 

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OUR plan

The fundamental building block of our campaign is the neighborhood team. Inspired by tried-and-true organizing techniques used by successful campaigns of recent decades, we will convert volunteer enthusiasm into electoral impact by organizing volunteers into a statewide network of small teams of 5-15 members.

Our goal is to form 50 neighborhood teams by the end of August, and to prepare these teams to engage in meaningful voter contact (i.e. registration drives, phone-banking, door-to-door canvassing, and other effective forms of voter contact). We will form these teams in any locality in which there are work-ready volunteers who believe in the mission of electing candidates who support strong schools and healthcare for working families.

In order to achieve the long-term goal of building as many strong teams as possible, we have developed a short-term strategy of holding inspiring public events that will provide our newly formed teams with occasions for organizing and team-building. First, we officially launched our campaign at the Panida Theater in downtown Sandpoint on July 20th. Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Idaho native Marilynne Robinson spoke about the value of public education and the funding crisis facing Idaho schools.

Our second summer initiative was to spend the first weeks of August driving across Idaho from town to town in a “Medicaid Mobile”—a camper refashioned as a mobile petition calling for the preservation and expansion of Idaho’s Medicaid program. Our event with Marilynne Robinson and the Medicaid Mobile tour served as occasions to organize neighborhood teams across the state. We are currently developing a statewide plan to engage volunteers in the work of winning elections, which includes a petition initiative to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot in November 2018. 

Please visit to learn more about our ballot initiative, and stay tuned for updates!



Reclaim Idaho is made possible by the hard work of volunteer organizers and neighborhood team leaders. Your financial contribution will help us reserve space for public events and will also help cover office expenses and other operating costs.

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