S 1159 was introduced in the Senate State Affairs Committee. This bill would severely restrict the ability for citizens to bring forth an initiative and petition our government. Idaho’s Constitution guarantees us this right.

protect the CONSTITUTIONAL right of the voters.

We are calling on our legislators to reject any modification to our initiative process. Contact your legislators and urge them to vote against s 1159

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Reclaim Idaho is a grassroots movement designed to protect and improve the quality of life of working idahoans. We organize to pass citizens’ initiatives and also to ELECT candidates who believe in strengthening public schools, protecting public lands, and extending healthcare to working families. we are 2,000-volunteers strong, with volunteer leaders in 25 Idaho counties. Sign up here to join us:

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Reclaim Idaho is made possible by the hard work of volunteer organizers and neighborhood team leaders. Your financial contribution will help us cover the costs of of touring the state, reserving space for public events, and maintaining a well-equipped central office in boise.

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