Reclaim Idaho is made possible by the hard work of volunteer organizers and neighborhood team leaders. Your financial contribution will help us cover the costs of of touring the state, reserving space for public events, and maintaining a well-equipped central office in boise.

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Take Action: Your legislators need to hear from you!

Step 1:

Find your legislative district and familiarize yourself with your representatives in the Idaho House and Idaho Senate.

Step 2:

Plan your talking points. Be friendly but clear in what you are communicating. We want to convey gratefulness (“Thank you for fulfilling the will of the people…”); helpfulness (“I want to help anyway I can to see this implemented, so please don’t hesitate to call on me…”) and personalization (“I’m a working member of the gap population and I can’t tell you how much of a difference this will make in my family’s life…”). Our goal is to have legislators hear from their constituents. They need to know a clear and easy path is available to fully fund and implement Medicaid Expansion, exactly as it was written.

Step 3:

Make the calls! Write letters/email! Send in postcards!

Are you willing to share your story or explain why you believe legislators should act immediately to fund Medicaid Expansion? Submit your info below and we'll prepare you to write a strong Letter to the Editor in your local newspaper!

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