Join Us to Organize for 2020

Dear Supporters of Reclaim Idaho,

Here's the short version: We're calling all supporters to join us for a virtual Leadership Huddle on Wednesday, May 1st at 6pm PST/ 7pm MST. Click here to RSVP to join us. We're also launching a campaign to raise 250 donations before the end of April. If you can chip in $3 or more, please click here.

Here's the long version: 

For those of us who've tuned in to Idaho politics during the past few months, one thing is clear: Idaho faces a crisis of accountability. Almost immediately after 61% of Idaho voters enacted Medicaid Expansion at the ballot box, many Idaho legislators began claiming that "the voters didn't know what they were doing," and those same legislators set out to add harmful and fiscally reckless restrictions to the Medicaid Expansion program. Adding insult to injury, the majority of legislators in both the House and the Senate attempted to clamp down on the voters by passing Senate Bill 1159 and making future ballot initiatives virtually impossible. 

In a well-functioning system of representative government, elected officials are supposed to be accountable to those who elected them. But consider this: Representative Sage Dixon voted to deny funding for Medicaid Expansion in spite of the fact that the majority of voters in his district voted YES for Prop 2. He also led the effort in the House of Representatives to restrict our right to organize initiatives--this is spite of the fact that the grassroots initiative to expand Medicaid started in his own district and was launched largely by his own constituents. 

Meanwhile, Idaho Falls Representative Bryan Zollinger led the effort to restrict Medicaid Expansion in spite of the fact that 65% of the voters in his district voted for clean expansion. Same story for Senators Mary Souza and Regina Bayer, whose voters also approved Expansion by a landslide. 

Senator C. Scott Grow drafted the initiative-restrictions bill with the help of a lobbyist from the payday loan industry and publicly urged his fellow senators to dismiss the groundswell of opposition to his bill--an opposition that Senator Grow described as the cry of a "vocal minority." Representative Randy Armstrong, whose voters in district 28 approved Prop 2 with over 60% of the vote, went as far as to write an op-ed chastising his own constituents for supporting Medicaid Expansion and calling them squealing pigs.

This is not how representative government is supposed to work, and that's why the campaign to restore accountability must begin today. We urge each and every one of you to join our virtual Statewide Leadership Huddle, online or via phone, on Wednesday, May 1st, at 6:00pm PST / 7:00pm MST. Sign up now to join us:

If you'd like to join with supporters in your local community to participate in the statewide event, click here to find a local huddle near you. If you'd like to host a local huddle at your home, click here to schedule a local event.

In advance of our May Day kickoff, we're launching a fundraising campaign to raise 250 donations of $3 or more. If we succeed in hitting this goal before the end of April, we'll have enough to get our summer campaign up and running. Will you chip in $3 or more today?

May Day is a very important day for our Reclaim Idaho movement. Not only is it International Workers' Day; it is also the anniversary of the May-1st signature deadline for our improbable 2018 drive to qualify Medicaid Expansion for the ballot. It's a reminder of how far we've come. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment,

The Reclaim Idaho Team