Our Story

The Reclaim Idaho movement began in the summer of 2017 when we painted a 1977 Dodge camper bright green and labeled both sides with “Medicaid for Idaho.” Beginning in the Panhandle, we drove south to every corner of the state, visiting over 20 communities.

We successfully spearheaded the initiative campaign to get Medicaid Expansion on the 2018 ballot. Through those efforts we built a grassroots network with over 2,000 volunteers in over 25 Idaho counties. Ordinary Idahoans, from every part of the state, came together to accomplish what the Idaho legislature failed to do. Last November, 61-percent of Idaho voters approved Medicaid Expansion. Proposition Two won majority support in 35 of 44 Idaho counties and 29 of 35 Idaho legislative districts. We became citizen lawmakers.

Despite that overwhelming victory, the majority of Idaho’s legislators retaliated by drafting bills that would make future initiative efforts virtually impossible.  Reclaim Idaho joined with a coalition of partners to defeat those efforts, which continued through the final days of the legislative session. Thousands of Idahoans from every county joined the fight, pressuring Governor Little to veto the bills and protect our initiative rights.

However, Idaho legislators and lobbyists have plans to introduce initiative restrictions during the next legislative session.

Join us in fighting back against these attacks on our constitutional right!


Idaho’s Sleeping Giant

"When we toured the state and talked to Idahoans from all walks of life, one thing became clear: There is a sleeping giant in this state. Its head is in the Panhandle. Its limbs stretch down to Salmon and Shelley, Blackfoot and Burley, McCall and Mountain Home. Its heart is everywhere. It has no political party, because it is bigger than the parties.”

— Luke Mayville, Reclaim Idaho Co-founder