The Medicaid for Idaho Tour

Dear Friends and Fellow Citizens of Idaho,
Later this month, we'll be stepping into a refurbished camper and hitting the road to campaign for the preservation and expansion of Medicaid. We’re calling it the Medicaid for Idaho Tour. After a Kickoff Rally on July 25th in Sandpoint, we’ll be driving our Medicaid Mobile across the entire state, from the Panhandle to Yellowstone and back again. In rural communities and city centers, we will invite Idahoans to tell their stories of healthcare struggles, and we’ll call on Idaho to follow 31 other states and expand Medicaid so that every Idahoan has access to affordable healthcare.

Before we hit the road, we thought it would be helpful to debunk some misconceptions and to share five important facts about Medicaid. Today we'll share fact #1: Medicaid there for all of us, not just the poorest of the poor. To give just one example, Medicaid covers nearly half of all nursing home costs for elderly Americans suffering from common ailments such as Alzheimer’s or stroke. 

I recently visited St. Gertrude’s Monastery near Cottonwood, Idaho (pictured below) to meet with the Benedictine nuns and tell them about our Medicaid for Idaho Tour. I had a feeling they'd be supportive, but the sisters were even more enthusiastic than expected. I was surprised to learn that most of them rely on Medicaid to cover their healthcare costs once they’ve grown too old for the monastery. These women—women who have assisted others for their entire lives—turn to Medicaid when they need some assistance in return.

St. Gertrude’s Monastery near Cottonwood, Idaho

St. Gertrude’s Monastery near Cottonwood, Idaho

Medicaid was designed with the idea that no one is invincible—that even the most hardworking and the most fortunate among us are vulnerable to unforeseen costs in our retirement, to life-altering accidents that threaten us with bankruptcy, and to countless other misfortunes. Medicaid is not just welfare for the poor. It’s there for all of us when we need it. 

We'll be sharing more facts about Medicaid in the days ahead. We hope you’ll join the Medicaid for Idaho campaign. We are currently scheduling stops in Sandpoint, Coeur d’ Alene, St. Maries, Moscow, Cottonwood, Boise, Nampa, Hailey, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Driggs, and Salmon, and the list is rapidly growing.

Stay tuned for updated information about a stop near you. If you’d like to schedule a stop in your community, send us an email at with the subject line “Medicaid for Idaho.” If you are willing and able to help us put gas in the Medicaid Mobile and cover many other expenses associated with this tour, please donate at

Thank you!
Luke Mayville and the Reclaim Idaho Team