Maine Expanded Medicaid. Idaho can be next.

Dear friends of the Medicaid for Idaho Campaign,

Last month, when we decided to go big and put Medicaid Expansion on the Idaho ballot, we heard a litany of doubts:

“A ballot initiative is likely to fail, and failure will make future reforms less likely.”

“The campaign will cost 4 million dollars, and you’ll still lose.”

“Rural voters don’t like Medicaid.”

To all of these doubts, we always had one simple reply: “What about Maine?”

The rural, conservative-leaning state of Maine just now voted to expand Medicaid, and not by a slim margin. Maine’s Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative won by an 18-point landslide.

We believe Idaho can be next, and we need your support. In order to cover our start-up expenses, we need to raise $2,000 within the next week. One generous donor has made us an offer: If we can raise $1,500 by November 15th, the donor will contribute the last $500. Please donate $5 or more here:

Up until November 15th, anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a “Medicaid for Idaho Tour” Commemorative Calendar for 2018.

Thank you!

The Reclaim Idaho Team

Medicaid tour Reclaim Idaho.jpg