We're Putting Medicaid Expansion on the Ballot in Idaho

Our campaign has entered a bold new phase. Last Friday, we filed a proposal to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot in November 2018.

Make no mistake, this will not be easy. Winning will require a monumental effort by volunteers all across the state. Any Idaho initiative must gather signatures from 6 percent of all registered voters statewide and also from 6 percent of voters in 18 different districts. That means a campaign cannot simply build support in population centers like Boise, but must organize and build support across the state.

However, as I've argued in my op-ed in the Idaho Statesman (read here), this is exactly the challenge we need. If we are going to change the conversation and achieve the health care system we deserve, we have no choice but to build a statewide grass-roots movement.

We can win. When we toured the state and talked to Idahoans from all walks of life, one thing became clear: There is a sleeping giant in this state. Its head is in the Panhandle. Its limbs stretch down to Salmon and Shelley, Blackfoot and Burley, McCall and Mountain Home. Its heart is everywhere. It has no political party, because it is bigger than the parties.

It yearns for health care and economic security for all. It dreams of a day when no one goes bankrupt just because they get sick. If the sleeping giant is not being heard, it is only because it is asleep. A ballot initiative campaign would awaken it.

If you can contribute $5 or more to help us launch this campaign, please donate by clicking here. If you are willing to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer form here.

Most importantly of all, we have one final request: Please believe that we can win.

Thank you,

Luke Mayville & the Reclaim Idaho Team

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