Medicaid Expansion
Law of the Land

On November 6, 2018, Idaho voters passed Medicaid Expansion by 61%. The 2019 Idaho legislature passed multiple restrictions to the voter approved law. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare will now seek Federal approval in order to implement the restrictions passed by the legislature.


Upcoming Comment Period

Your Comments Count  - it’s the law

Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare is taking public comments on the first of many Medicaid Expansion “Waivers” (restrictions to coverage).It’s easy to make your comments count with this user-friendly email tool from Close the Gap which sends your statements directly to the State. Here’s the thing: The State of Idaho is REQUIRED BY LAW to consider your comments. A federal judge says so. In striking down restrictions sought by Arkansas and Kentucky, the judge mentioned the “comment period” or “commenters” at least two dozen times. The fact that both of those states “ignored” overwhelming public comments against Medicaid Restrictions helped lead the judge to rule AGAINST restrictive waivers.

Make sure your voice is heard. The current comment period deals with a “waiver” designed to keep thousands of Idahoans who earn between 100-138 of the Federal Poverty Level on private insurance instead of Medicaid Expansion. Those private plans are less reliable, less comprehensive and MORE expensive than Medicaid Expansion. If you use the email tool, there is tons of great information about this “waiver” which is nothing more than a bait-and-switch for Idaho families. The few minutes you take to stand up AGAINST this restriction can make a world of difference around the state. Don’t just “cut and paste.” Take a few minutes to read the information and give your honest opinion on this issue.

 You can also voice your concerns in person at the following public hearings

Medicaid Enrollment

Visit the Idaho Dept of Health and Welfare’s website for the most updated information on Medicaid enrollment and eligibility.