Submit a Public Comment opposing Paperwork Restrictions on Medicaid Expansion

You overwhelmingly approved a clean Medicaid Expansion program in Idaho with no restrictions to coverage. Despite that, the politicians in Boise tacked on costly and harmful restrictions that forces working Idahoans to fill out paperwork proving they are working or volunteering – even though we all know the vast majority of Medicaid Expansion patients already work! Your elected leaders are trying to create a multi-million-dollar bureaucracy that will create a “second gap” of Idahoans who must resort to costly emergency room care even though they qualify for Medicaid Expansion.

Here’s the good news: that hurtful law is not a done deal. The Feds must still approve it. That means you can make a difference! In fact, a federal judge has already ruled that your comments MUST be considered. By law! More good news: we’ve made it super easy to submit a comment opposing this measure.

Click here to see a sample comment.

Don’t cut-and-paste it. Make it your own. When you’re done, click here to send your comment through a very easy-to-use email tool from Close the Gap. The fight is not over and the best thing is your voice still matters. By Law!

We are setting a goal of 500 comments from our dedicated volunteers. You’re just a few clicks away from bringing healthcare to tens of thousands of Idahoans.

Thank you for everything you do for Idaho’s working families. You continue to make a difference.

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