We’re launching #IdahoSpeaks

Idaho voter rights are in danger, and we must hold our legislators accountable

Last November, the Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative passed with 61 percent of the vote. This was an historic victory for the 62,000 Idahoans who will finally gain access to healthcare, and it was also a victory for the thousands of volunteers who formed the Reclaim Idaho movement.

A few months after the passage of Medicaid Expansion, the Idaho legislature passed Senate Bill 1159, a proposal that would make it virtually impossible to organize ballot initiatives in Idaho. The effort was defeated for the short-term when Governor Little vetoed the legislation. However, Idaho legislators and lobbyists have plans to reintroduce initiative restrictions during the next legislative session.

Now is the time to raise our voices.

What do you think about the ballot initiative process in Idaho? Should it be restricted, or should it be left as is, and why? We at Reclaim Idaho are sparking this public conversation with a series of Town Hall events that will be held this summer in every region of the state.

In the lead up to our first Town Hall event in mid-July, we’re challenging Idahoans to raise their voices by joining our #IdahoSpeaks campaign. We’re writing blog posts addressing legislators about their position on voter rights, sharing why it matters to us, and why our rights must be respected above all else.

Take a stand and defend our rights.

Share your perspective and write your blog-post today!